About us

The Volted mission is to come through on striking, refined home and workspace decor for your man zone!

When our founder moved into a new flat he needed to decorate it, make it his. Upon furnishing the basics he noticed a lack of 'gentlemen' centred wall art that was refined and suitable for a modern space, furthermore he struggled to find an abundance of inspiration for his interior space online. On to Volted he wanted to solve this problem with high quality, sustainable wall art & collections for his customers home/work spaces; as a brand centred around creative artwork for the home our founder wanted to incoorporate a partnership with a charity on the front line of the battle against homelessness; Crisis UK. Volted wishes to inspire both ends of the spectrum with 10% of each sale going straight to charity.

And thats the idea that started Volted Designs; Why not make an inspired decor brand for men and use it to empower those without basic comforts?

At our core we aim to inspire refined home decoration and wall art for the modern day gent; and use our brand to support our contribution to the fight against homeless.